Riffster Lite is free software.

 It's great for students, band members, and kids. Grab a copy, play around, have fun and let us know how you get on! Simple! Brilliant! Cheap! Fun!



Latest release: Build 2406, 24 December 2006.



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• Lite is a stripped down version that's even simpler than Riffster -- great for kids or students to get started.
• Learn symphonic passages, guitar licks, keyboard tricks, vocal parts, or use it for transcription -- do it quickly and easily by playing selected loops of digital audio.
• Like Riffster, Lite can rip CDs, import MP3, WAV, or WMA files, then slow any audio track down and independently change tempo, key, or pitch.
• Internet CD database lookup: Find song names for ripping tracks.
• Drag or "scratch" loop points -- hear where you're at.
• Lite understands loops and tracks prepared in Riffster so you can use it as a delivery tool for classes or Riff novices.
• The emphasis with Riffster Lite is on no-frills, simple as-possible interfaces and function. Installation takes seconds and you're off making music.

• Please note that Riffster Lite is no longer supported on Windows 98 or Windows ME. Microsoft have discontinued product support for these versions of Windows as described here.