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The musician's favourite practice tool. It's slow-motion for audio: load a song, select loops and have Riffster play over them at any tempo to suit your style or ability. Freely adjust the pitch of songs too. Tweak recordings that don't match your instrument's tuning or simply shift keys to match your vocal range!

Latest release: Build 2906, 14 Nov 2010.

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• Support for Windows 7.

• Import of MP3, WAV, WMA or iTunes M4A/AAC files, mono or stereo.

• Slow any audio track down and independently change tempo, key, or pitch. Pitch change of +/-1/2 octave, speed changes down to 40% of the original. Enhanced time change engine means smoother loops.

• Define up to 9 loops in a song while controlling tempo, pitch, EQ, and volume settings -- Riffster saves each one for you.

• Drag or "scratch" loop points -- hear where you're at.

• Import multiple tracks direct from music CDs, with automatic naming using the online CDDB database.

• 10 bands EQ and a phase cancellation option allows suppression or emphasize of individual instruments.

• Export processed tracks or loops to MP3 or WAV formats.

• Emphasis is on really simple, obvious interfaces and function. Installation takes seconds and you're off making music.

• 2906 has many improvements, from Windows 7 support to faster decoding and improved CD ripping capabilities.

• Runs on Windows XP, 2003, Vista, and now Windows 7. Other operating systems may follow.

Please note that:

Riffster is no longer supported on Windows 98,Windows ME or Windows 2000. More information here.

Riffster cannot play encoded material 'protected' by DRM.

Read what people are saying about Riffster...

"I'm in a band and my guitarist just loves to change the keys which makes it very difficult to learn some of the songs... Riffster makes it very easy for me... The 2 features I like are the pitch change and save as MP3 with new settings... The download went smoothly... Thanks so much guys."

"Essential learning tool - exceptional versatility. A very good product."

"When variable speed & tone CD players broke the $200 mark, I was thrilled to pay $149 for the Tascam CD-GT1. Trying out the Evaluation version of Riffster, I certainly expected something less than the GT1. To my surprise, Riffster plays back audio that doesn't warble when slowed and unlike the GT1, has more features, e.g., raising the pitch while varying playback speed, better loop control..., A very impressive learning tool for less than $25. I wouldn't pay that much for the GT1 now, after using Riffster!"