The GXStack FAQ.
Is the evaluation different in any way ?
No. Evaluations have a fixed time limit and will go quiet on you every few minutes but the sounds and capabilities are identical to the registered version.
What happens when I register ? Once we get notification of your payment we'll send you an email giving you a link to a location where you  can download your version of GXStack.
Does my music PC have to be online ? We do not use an online registration system. Each copy of GXStack is individually branded with the owners name and email address.
Where do I install GXStack ? It depends on which digital audio workstation (DAW) you are using. Each DAW has a shared folder for plugins, but the precise location varies according to where you have installed the software.
I'm using Sonar. GXStack does not show up in my VST list. You need to run the VST scanner and configuration utility so that GXStack will appear in you VST plug-in list.
GXStack takes ages to load. What's going on ? On processors earlier than a Pentium IV or equivalent, the loading of GXStack can be slowed down by image decoding. We are working to improve the load times on older systems.
Last revised: 06 August 2005